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6 Apps that Make Life Easier and Soothe Your Mind

In the rush of everyday life, the hours fly by as the amount of free time we have available runs low due to obligations. Between work, traffic, family, chores, and social life, there is little to no time for ourselves or personal projects. And how could there be? Daily tasks and emergencies constantly demand our attention, and before we know it, it’s time for bed. Tomorrow is another day, another opportunity—except the cycle repeats all over again.

With that in mind, Eugeniuses has prepared a curated list of apps that will help you maintain your physical and mental health in check, as well as manage some spare time while surviving the ups and downs of a busy life. Let’s make it count, shall we?


iOS | Android

Have you always wanted to manage your time better or even know precisely how much time it takes to perform basic day-to-day duties? Perhaps Forest is the right app for you. It works like this: you plant a virtual tree, and it grows and develops while you focus on your to-do list. If the project is abandoned halfway, the tree dies, but if it is successful, it bears fruit. Then, from seed to seed, you build an entire forest while having maximum control over all activities with its intuitive and detailed graphics.

Sleep Cycle

iOS | Android | HarmonyOS

There isn’t the slightest chance of having your life on track without a good night’s sleep. But what actually makes for truly good, restful sleep? We constantly hear about the essential eight hours per night, but is that really it? Sleep Cycle was created to unravel the mystery. It helps you monitor your sleep in simple steps and observe how much quality you truly got from it. Based on the app’s conclusions, you can change small habits and achieve the promised rest you have been dreaming of for so long.

Better Help

iOS | Android

Mental health is one of the biggest issues of this century. But thankfully, we are no longer taking our emotions, attitudes, and thoughts for granted, and being able to balance our schedule to give the proper attention to this requires time and juggling on our part. Better Help is a practical alternative in case you don’t know how to fit therapy into your agenda. The process is simple: through a comprehensive questionnaire, your experience is personalized as you are matched with a professional, licensed therapist who will cater to your preferences and allow you to decide the day and time of each weekly session.

I Am

iOS | Android

To start off your day in a positive way and with a good mental exercise, we recommend the motivation app called I Am. Every day, you will receive a new message to help rewire your brain and build self-esteem. There are options to set reminders or have it as a widget on your home screen.


iOS | Android

Short, guided daily videos take advantage of our small gaps during the day to help us meet the recommended exercise and stretching goals per week in a flexible and dynamic manner. The mini lessons are taught by sports and health professionals, and the platform is optimized for different types of devices.

Head Space

iOS | Android

The Headspace initiative began its history way back in 2010, with the dream of inspiring people to practice meditation. It started as an events company, but the desire to teach their techniques to a larger audience was stronger. Today, Headspace is a platform that has reached and helped more than 60 million people around the world, offering meditation guides for different types of problems and individuals.

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