The Client Cauzality is an online mapping tool designed for team collaboration to revolutionize decision-making in business environments. Its unique scoring method and engaging process help teams explore topics and address challenges. By moving beyond linear thinking, it promotes a systemic understanding of problems and effective solutions as teams create visual maps that document their… Continue reading Cauzality



The Client Tangibles is a gamification application created to keep track of students’ habits in school fields, as well as reward them for good results using positive reinforcement. Initially just a concept, the project started to come to life in March 2021 when Eugeniuses and Tangibles established their partnership. The Challenge To cover all aspects… Continue reading Tangibles

Certified Tenants

The Client Certified Tenants is a company dedicated to improving the landlord and potential tenant experience through comprehensive assessments of reviews, credit scores, and other relevant factors. Although possessing an exceptional concept, Certified Tenants required a distinguished brand identity, thoughtful tool development, and an overall polished website interface. This is where Eugeniuses stepped in. The… Continue reading Certified Tenants