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The Client

In 2018, the Equoo project was initiated by the CHU de Quebec in collaboration with the Co-Dot laboratory at Université Laval. The project brings together renowned institutions and leading researchers in the field of health, who work alongside professionals from different areas, sharing a common goal: to aid hospitalized children reduce stress and anxiety during their recovery through guided meditations with the use of Augmented Reality (AR).

The Challenge

When the Équanimité approached us in 2021 to join them in this project, one of the first demands was to adjust the existing Augmented Reality. Additionally, our team was responsible for developing the website, expanding the created universe, and building a 360° virtual tour of each care unit. The objective of the website is to be accessible to both hospital staff and the adults responsible for the children. For this reason, private sections with forms and comments have been implemented to foster stronger connections among all parties involved and effectively address the specific requirements of the patients.

The Solution

Once the goals and requirements were defined, the first Eugeniuses team started to work on the AR front of the project using Unity + C# on HoloLens. In parallel, the second team made its way through WordPress, customizing the website with HTML, PHP, and CSS codes. On top of that, all the beautifully crafted UI/UX designs were made by our skilled in-house designers.