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KP Formations D’affaires

The Client

KP Formations d’Affaires has been a respected and well-known training platform in the industry for years. It is primarily dedicated to the real estate sector and its investments, offering training for professionals and experts in this field. Each recorded course, event and live stream are produced in-house, and every training session includes case studies, exercises, and support materials.

The Challenge

With KP Formations d’Affaires experiencing exponential growth, the urge to recreate the website from scratch and establish a dynamic and easily accessible platform to better accommodate its users became inevitable. The project started in 2022 and is still ongoing to this date. We believe that a website is a living organism that always needs to be nourished, and this would be no different for a platform as active and alive as KP Formations d’Affaires.

The Solution

Once the goals and requirements were determined, the Eugeniuses team initiated the development of the new platform. With this platform, the KP Formations d’Affaires team now has full management capabilities, enhancing their workflow and gaining more control over their creations. Concurrently, we focused on renovating the existing website. The languages and tools used by our team include PHP, Javascript, Laravel, and Vimeo integration.