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The Client

Founded in 2017, Woolly Made is a commercial enterprise specializing in leather-based accessories driven by a group of individuals who deeply appreciate the value of quality over quantity. Their unwavering commitment extends to embracing a thoughtful process that seamlessly merges cutting-edge technologies with traditional crafting techniques in the art of wallet production and much more.

The Challenge

In 2022, Woolly Made and Eugeniuses joined forces to embark on an ambitious journey together. Recognizing the need to push boundaries and redefine the way leather accessories are created, Woolly Made strategically decided to open up to a new challenge: a customizable front to complement their existing e-commerce platform, marking a significant milestone in their innovative quest to transform the industry.

The Solution

To best accommodate Woolly Made’s requirements, the Eugeniuses team of experts, with over a decade of experience each, carefully built, deployed and launched the app. Our developers utilized React for the UIs and implemented three.js in React for the renders. In addition, all 3D animations were made on the software tool Blender.