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The Client

Tangibles is a gamification application created to keep track of students’ habits in school fields, as well as reward them for good results using positive reinforcement. Initially just a concept, the project started to come to life in March 2021 when Eugeniuses and Tangibles established their partnership.

The Challenge

To cover all aspects and dynamics expected for a product used by students, parents, and faculty, it was necessary to develop at least three different components: a web application, a mobile application, and a separate web administration application. These elements were crucial to ensure that all aspects and dynamics associated with the product were addressed effectively.

The Solution

To ensure Tangibles’ project quality, the Eugeniuses development department employed React Native and Firebase for the work. They apply flexibility in catering smoothly to web and mobile requirements. We also sought professional advice on UI design and made necessary adjustments to the UX design in-house.